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Types of freight containers

ISO 6346:1995 freight container identificatory codes

GP (General Purpose) — freight container of general purpose without vent system  (often named as  DC - Dry Cube), types are: HC  - High Cube Container — (height is enlarged  for one foot in comparison with standard container), PW (Pallet Wide) — enlarged in width container (242—245 cm, allows to place two 120 cm. pallets side by side)

RE, RT, RS (Reefer) — refrigerator container

HI, HR —  isolated

VH (Ventilated) — ventilated container of general purpose

UT  — open top container, types: OT  (Open Top) withtarpaulin open top and HT (Hard Top) — container with open metal top.

PL, PF, PC, PS  — platform container

TN, TG, TD — Tank container (liquids and gas carriage container)

BU, BK – bulk container

SN – special container (carriage of livestock, vehicles, live fish)



International rules applicable in international commerce containing trade terms most commonly used in foreign trade and acknowledged by governmental bodies, law companies and practitioners worldwide

Incoterms 2010 cover the rights and duties of purchase and sale contract parties in the sphere of goods delivery (terms of goods delivery).

Each term of Incoterms 2010 represents a three-letter abbreviation.




InternationalSeaShipping Abbreviations

       Depending on the sea line or port working conditions tariff can include the following charges: